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1981, all of our effort is to represent you the best. We are always working for improving our products and services. In all actions small or big, happiness of success is irreplaceable. Our quality mentality is based in this approach. In production, our priorities are quality and usefullness. Cimukality is our quality mentality, which is a managment approach that accepts inseparability of client needs and our targets, and it aims to %100 client satisfaction.

"Our quality is your satisfaction"

-  our standard products about 1000,
- special productions for one to one needs of    our clients
- and our interactive research studies with the    clients,

are totally for creating new reasons to work with us.


Why Cimuka Incubators?

  • Product quality

    - Powerfull and light main structure.
    - Stainless inner parts
    - Perfect air distribution - Airroute,
    - Effective turning - TurnX ,
    - 25 years of production experience,
    - Special system applications for different poultry and games,
    - a wide capacity and model choices
    - Flexiblity in usage

  • Easy to use

    - All function controls from one panel.
    - easy to use digitals,
    - simple cleaning standards,
    - Special setter and hatcher tray designs
    - Fully assembled systems, no need montage.

  • low oparating costs

    - area - egg capacity optimization,
    - energy saving with special control units,
    - Higher performance in a batch

  • High Safety Standards

    - CE standards in all systems,
    - suitable for all hygiene applications
    - Calibration and Hatchery test applications in all models before delivery.


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