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Quail Farming     

lines up quail meat and egg production units. Our hatchery solutions, cage systems and process equipments supply all your needs in production.

Since 1981, Our experiences about quail hatchery and breeding and also our well desinged produts are providing ideal farming solutions.

Cimuka Egg Incubators provide ideal hatchery solutions for quail production;

Hobby Series Incubators offer a model range with the capacity from 140 to 900 quail eggs for hobbyists and small scale farms.

Middle Series Incubators offer a model range with the capacity from 1000 - 10.000 quail eggs for middle and large scale quail producers.

Also, we provide all you need in incubation house with Cimuka Hatchery equipments.

Quail Farming

Quail breesing cages

Quail production

In addition, Cimuka produces special cage systems for small and middle scale quail productions.

>> Quail Chick Growing Cages
>> Quail Pullet Cages
>> Quail Stock Cages
>> Quail Layer Cages

Our Cage Models can bring solution to different capacities.

For quail meat production, we produce process equipments which are decreasing labor cost and time yield.

>> Quail slaughtering unit
>> Quail feather wetting unit
>> Quail plucking machine

quail sloughtering and plucking


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