CİMUKA is an expert and industry leader company with thousands of meat and egg production farms it has established to date. Everything you will need in quail production with our experience in quail hatching and farming since 1981 and our understanding of quality products and services…

We offer you turnkey hatcheries for different production capacities, starting from hatchery planning and breeding training.
With our post-delivery production consultancy service, we are always with you in health, care, feeding and hatching issues.

We offer the most suitable incubation solution to;

hobby and small-scale quail farmers with ProdiTM Series – Incubator models with a quail egg capacity between 54 – 1980
– and Commercial Series – Incubator models with a capacity of 1.664 – 26.208 quail eggs for medium and large scale quail enterprises.

With the Hatchery Equipment we produce, we meet all the hatchery needs of our customers.

Cimuka produces ComfortplastTM Cages Systems  for quail meat and egg enterprises and hobby farmers. Different models of cages are available for quail breeding, depending on their purpose.

• Quail Chick Raising Cage – Main Machine – CB25
• Quail Breeding Cages – GL25
• Quail Breeder and Egg Cages – BYK

Our models respond to different capacities.

Our i-pluckTM cut-off products, which we offer to commercial enterprises for quail meat production, in order to reduce labor and ensure a healthy and regular meat production;

• Quail Slaughter Apparatus
• Quail Feather Soaking Boilers
• Quail Plucking Machines

Our customers can also benefit from our consultancy services on hatchery and breeding related to quail breeding free of charge.