ComfortplastTM Cage Systems are designed by our 30-year cage production experience, in line with scientific developments and breeder demands in the world. Models with patented design is a first in the world. All of them are made from plastic with high fertilizer resistance, with more than 200 molds using injection, drawing and vacuuming Technologies and using original 100% recycled raw materials.

All parts are demountable, easily mountable, robust, useful, long-lasting and decorative. Our patented designs, which completely change the cage concept, offer breeding solutions for different seasonal needs of different species of poultry in 9 different model groups. In 2011 the first models we started with quail egg cages meet our customers in more than 50 countries.

All of the models are packed in modular construction and as in flat-packs in very small volumes with low shipping costs.

Each year we produce practical, effective and hygienic solutions to the needs of our customers with different models and improved features.