“Success is a decision made from the start.”
How you set out on the road is an indicator of where you want to reach. First, you set your goals in line with your personal values. Then you set up your basis. You start with a team of experts and professionals.

As Cimuka, we have always reflected our values in the philosophy of our business. In all our activities, we have made customer satisfaction the focus of our business. Since 1981, we are working to improve the products we produce and the services we provide every day.

In all activities, big or small, business or pleasure, the happiness of success is unchangeable. Our quality understanding is based on this happiness of success. We adopt a participatory business management approach that accepts the needs of our customers and our business goals as an inseparable whole and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Hundreds of thousands of products used in all regions of Turkey and over 100 countries and the proven performance of our products are the result of this quality philosophy.

“Our Quality is Your Satisfaction” we know that very well for a quarter of a century.

• Over 1000 standard products we offer,
• Special productions to meet the one-to-one needs of our customers and
• With our customer-turned Research and Development studies,
we always create better reasons for you to work with Cimuka branded products.

• Cimuka35 years of production expertise,
• Production gain with high performance,
• Long-lasting use with high material quality,
• State-of-the-art patented systems for energy saving,
• Digital systems specific to the nature of the job with special software,
• Functional, multi-purpose and easy to use thanks to special systems and designs,
• The philosophy of modularity in production for continuity in aquaculture
• Comfort in hygiene applications, Easy cleaning standards,
• Different capacity and model options,
• Robust and light products with capacity and size optimization,
• ISO 9000:2001 production system and CE safety standards in products,
• Pre-delivery test applications,
• On-time delivery and low shipping charges,
• Free post-delivery consultancy and technical information support by Cimuka’s staff of veterinarians, zootechnists, academics and engineers,
• Easy, on-site and short-term technical service thanks to common modular systems,
• The possibility of revision to the developing technologies with the production expertise of Cimuka,
Cimuka’s opportunity to cooperate in production with its wide references in every region of Turkey and abroad.