Cimuka’s aim is to bring its customers to the highest efficiency with the products they produce and the services they provide in the field of hatchery and poultry breeding.

“Sector leader. ”

Cimuka is the sector leader with their high performance and brood quality. Our products, service quality and values we give our customers, make us a leader. Cimuka has a reputation for honesty and respect for its customers. This reputation is as valuable to us as our product and service quality and the presence of our brand.

“It’s a quarter-century growing experience since 1981. ”

From 1981 to today, we know with our hatchery experience of a quarter century that husbandry investments are valued with knowledge, experience and quality. Poultry farming; chick breeding, breeding management, incubation and food production. Cimuka is the most experienced company in this industries. In every region of Turkey and in many countries we established brood and farming systems, this is the pointer of our industry experience and product efficiency. Our veterinarian, zootechnician, academics and engineers are experts in their field. We provide better service to our customers every day with our understanding of quality and our technology follow-up.

“Wide Product Range. ”

We continue our research and development activities for safer, easier to use, more efficient systems and equipment to meet our customers’ needs. We produce farming solutions for chicken, turkey, quail, partridge, pheasant, duck, goose, ostrich and special kind of poultry with our wide product range.

• Incubators

• Hatchery Equipments

• Cage Systems

• Slaughtering and plucking equipment

“Product and service focused on customer goals. ”

Cimuka constantly creates plus value in terms of price and quality and offers quality products and services according customers’ goals in complete and on time.

For hobby farms we offer under the brand Prodi, safe and long-lasting equipment that are easy to use with superior performance. With our expert team, hatchery and breeding experience, we are always with our customers.

We offer a large business partnership from hatchery and farm planning to after-sales training and consultancy for all customers who require commercial production.

We always aim to be closer to our customers in our Istanbul and Ankara offices.