Hb Series Incubators are highly insulated cabins and offer a fully automatic incubator experience.

In the Hb series, 12 different models are presented for 3 different applications in 175, 350 and 500 and 700 chicken egg capacities.

C-coded combined models have separate sections for setters and hatchers in the same cabinet. The models used as partial set loading as standard, but thanks to the Flexy35Y setters tray, which can be turned into a hatcher basket with hatch cover, it can be used as an all set all hatcher.

S-coded models can be preferred for the setters period of the embryo until the last 3 days of the incubation.

H-coded models are used for the last 3 days of incubation. The stand-alone shelf system gives the possibility to simplify your progess, by working in all floors separately.